GDPR / RODO regulations

czwartek, 24 Maj 2018 by

From May 25, 2018, new regulations on the protection of personal data (GDPR) are in force. Therefore, we would like to inform you about the rules of processing personal data by ARAM and your rights. · We do not change the scope or method of data processing, we only made it possible for you to

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A-RENTAL platform has just been launched

czwartek, 25 Styczeń 2018 by

One of the first automatic rental platform for the VIDEO / AUDIO / LIGHTING / RIGGING industry has just been launched in Europe. This fully integrated system has just been launched by ARAM, member of PRG Alliance. It is available at Using the platform, companies who provide event production services can select the equipment

Europe’s biggest New Year’s Eve stage

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On December 31 2017, the historic city of Zakopane in the south of Poland, was home to one of the largest public festivities celebrating New Year’s Eve in Europe. The team at ARAM worked alongside over 70 additional crew members led by the world-renowned production designer Giorgos Stylianou-Matsis and lightning designer Adam Tyszka, to deliver

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IEM Oakland 2017 behind us

środa, 29 Listopad 2017 by

Yet, another amazing esports event behind us. Intel Extreme Masters has been organized by ESL in Oracle arena, Oakland. It was our first esports event in West Coast and I can say that having trusted partners all around the world is even more then having warehouse full of own equipment. Of course we have a

Fashion show in dome

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Short presentation of the new 4F Olympic Collection wear which took place recently in Warsaw. The show, which was directed by Katarzyna Sokolowska, was organized in a big dome, right next to the Warsaw Olympic Center. The entire dome inside was covered with mapping projections. It takes almost 7 days to build and rehearse the

Thx to Chris Hana, who I meet in Warsaw during this summer, „The Esports Observer” did interview with me about ARAM and how we takes an esports stages from concept to gametime. Read full INTERVIEW here:

Do you know that world’s biggest e-sport arena is build in Poland ? Once again, the ARAM company was responsible for the stage design as well as the complex technical production of Intel Extreme Masters 2017, an event that took place in Katowice and is probably biggest e-sport tournament in the world. It is traditional

Giant Multimedia New Years Eve Stage

sobota, 31 Grudzień 2016 by

Like every year in Poland there are New Years Eve events which are broadcasted in tv’s. I want to share some pictures with you from NYE show we been involved and which take a place in famous mountain village in Poland, Zakopane. See how it looks.: ….and some video: