Stage for New Year’s Eve in the city

poniedziałek, 11 Styczeń 2016 by

There is no concerts or festival like New Year’s Eve in the city!. They tend to be a visual and acoustic experience for those who attend but a challenge for the technicians behind the stage. Technical and logistical requirements are diverse, and the expectations for lighting, video and live sound are very high. Every production

Designing the stage for beauty contest

wtorek, 08 Grudzień 2015 by

ARAM once again was responsible for set design and technical production of the largest international beauty contest „Miss Supranational 2015” and „Miss Poland 2015”. Design and technical production of this kind of show since the beginning requires close work with many people, starting from the director, choreographer by technicians, riggers and engineers. An effect that

Air6Pix: new moving batten from ARAM

sobota, 10 Październik 2015 by

We never stop looking for new and uncommon lighting effects which can change every show! See what AIR6PIX can do: AIR6PIX is a new moving batten that add a new dimension in the field of effects and pixel mapping. The light source is 6 times 40W RGBW LEDs, combined with a 67mm optic system which

Last weekend, the LANXESS Arena in Cologne, Germany’s largest indoor arena became home to the world’s biggest and most-watched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event. With over 11,000 visitors flocking to arena each day and millions more tuning in online, it was a fitting way to celebrate ESL’s first standalone CS:GO event. Over 27 million unique viewers

Intel Extreme Masters 2015 with ARAM

czwartek, 09 Kwiecień 2015 by

ARAM was responsible for the design and technical production of largest gaming event in the world: ninth edition of the World Final of the Intel Extreme Masters . For the second year in a row event was held in Katowice, this time was spread to two locations – Spodek and the newly built International Convention

Giant Multimedia Stage for New Year’s Eve

piątek, 09 Styczeń 2015 by

See how looks New Year’s Eve stage that was built in Wroclaw, Poland. Almost 400 m2 of LED curtains and displays, several hundreds lighting fixtures from major brands! Below you can see how it was build up: This was an amazing event. The biggest polish stars and foreign artists performed on the stage accompanied by

New investments, new equipment at ARAM

poniedziałek, 15 Grudzień 2014 by

2014 is not over yet and we already can announce what’s new in our rental stock will be in December and January. 1. ​​Clay Paky MYTHOS is a new spot light based on Philips Platinum 20R bulb. This is a truly versatile fixture with very high light intensity. ARAM will be one of the first

Curvable 8mm curtain in festival stage

piątek, 04 Lipiec 2014 by

Another year in a row we had the pleasure to deliver multimedia for scenography designed by Giorgios Stylianou for OPOLE festival. Below are some photos and a short video showing it in its full glory. The stage design was used, among others, the latest LED curtain Fourlight CURVE 8 of the densest pixel in Poland: