Curvable 8mm curtain in festival stage

piątek, 04 Lipiec 2014 by

Another year in a row we had the pleasure to deliver multimedia for scenography designed by Giorgios Stylianou for OPOLE festival. Below are some photos and a short video showing it in its full glory. The stage design was used, among others, the latest LED curtain Fourlight CURVE 8 of the densest pixel in Poland:

10 years ago we did an event to celebrate the Polish entry into the European Union. Similarly to Poland 10 years ago, ARAM was then different company. 10 years of Poland in EU is also 10 years of ARAM changes. Today, we are a different company, we have the best multimedia equipment in Poland and

The new FL-600 WASH just arrived!

czwartek, 17 Kwiecień 2014 by

We just invested in 50 pcs. of WASHes 🙂 The new device is „moving heads” Fourlight FL-600 WASH , which have already shown their capabilities. Also showed high reliability which spoke that we decided to choose the FL-600 and not the product form ROBE 😉

Intel Extreme Masters with ARAM

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Intel Extreme Masters 2014 is a mega-production associated with global e-sport. On behalf of the responsible for the show we did stage design and its execution, including logistics, and full technical support: lighting, multimedia and sound. The design concept of both stages was created in collaboration with the organizer. 8’th World Final edition of the

Back to the New Year Eve…

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We are extremely busy with many shows we do in 2014 and I forgot to write and post some pictures about New Years Eve stage we did just month ago 🙂 So.: Stage was equipped in latest Fourlight curtain including CURVE 8, Hi-strips and also our old but still in good condition LED GRID which

New Year’s Eve giant Stage in Poland

czwartek, 16 Styczeń 2014 by

A picture is worth a thousand words so I want to show all my friends, customers and followers how looked a New Year’s Eve Stage in Wroclaw, Poland. Show was life broadcasted to TVP. We equip it in latest led technology from Fourlight and also a lot of lighting.

Finally I put all interesting photos and videos from the Miss Suprantaional 2013 in one place. There’s really a lot of photos so they are packed in dynamic video slide-show. Enjoy!   Subscribe to our YouTube Channel >

Do you know that it is possible to build a high resolution LED screen with no visible gaps – an arc ….. curved both inside and outside? This is the Fourlight CURVE 8mm . Curtain or LED screen – because it is a „2 in 1” can be curved and in both directions creating WAVY