Aram’s THE CUBE enraptures guests at Saudi Entertainement Expo in Riyadh

Three days in Riyadh that will definitely mark a new beginning for ARAM!

We couldn’t think of a warmer welcome in Saudi Arabia than the one we received at #SEAExpo and #SLSexpo. Our own immersive theater, #TheCube, made an enormous impact on our guests, releasing an array of unique ideas that surprised even us but have proven that this is the perfect invention for various venues, such as amusement parks, theatres, cinemas, and entertainment centers.

Our best projects to date, proudly presented at our stand, attracted a number of international guests who were curious about our company and its accomplishments and left the booth as future partners with ideas still sizzling on both sides!

Guests from countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, the Emirates, Germany, and Qatar were amazed by the virtual walk in the Sistine Chapel, our first and main creation for The Cube, that transported them into a realm where technology intertwines with imagination.

ARAM already operates in the MENA region, with the execution of special events, trade fair booths, and creative and planning services, and our expansion surely won’t end here!

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Grzegorz Nowakowski
Head of Global Parterships
+ 48 515 116 607