Let the curtain falls, and behind it …:

Are you organize the presentation of a new product? or launch a new car model? We have an interesting proposition for you. If you fall scenery we design and decide on its implementation with us on a „design-to the effect of” get FREE opportunity to use what is news AUTOMATIC CURTAIN system. Imagine a giant

TV show set

TV set design made ​​on a „design-to-effect” basis! Our service include: scenography design, lighting, multimedia and set building as well as lighting design and content. Such a model of co-operation is becoming more and more popular amongst our customers as it allows more easily fit in your budget without sacrificing modern multimedia elements. Instead, eliminate

Hi-strip & New Year’s Eve in Warsaw

New year and new product launch! “Hi-strip” had its debut during New Year’s Eve Night in Warsaw. Nearly 400 video strips hung in a huge multimedia scenography which stood on Warsaw MDM square. Fourlight „Hi-strip” is a video/lighting line characterized by the full range of colors, superior brightness, 12,5mm resolution and high refresh rate. Their