ESL ONE Cologne 2019

Cologne, Germany

ESL Pro League 2019

Occitanie, France League Grand Finals 2016

Warsaw, Poland

2015 European Road to BlizzCon

Prague, Czech Republic

Intel Extreme Masters 2017

Katowice, Poland

ESL ONE New York 2016

NYC, United States

ESL ONE Cologne 2015

Cologne, Germany


We are experts in the design & technical production of esports tournaments, events, and permanent studios and venues. We stand behind the "Intel Extreme Masters" stages and technical producer and architect of many "ESL ONE" shows all over the world.

If you want esports stage or studio arena that will bring something new to the market and create something that will be remembered, you are at the right place.

If you work on your next esports tournament, studio or trade fairs, drop us a line, let's have a call or chat. See what we can do together.

IEM Katowice Stage ‘Lives With the Game,’ Says ARAM’s COO

Esports isn’t necessarily an industry that traditional production companies can just jump headlong into. Live videogaming carries an endless list of special considerations, from managing seven-hour broadcasts, to packing a stage with lights without blinding the players. By now these needs are second nature to ARAM ; a Polish design and technical production company, and architects of the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice stage...

Rafal Mrzyglocki, ARAM CEO – “Instead of Musicians on the Stage, We Have Pro Esports Players”

With soccer, all you need to play with your friends is a ball, a field, and something to mark the goalposts. For esports, even the most causal pickup game requires significantly more setup. Each player needs a full computer, internet connection, desk, and chair. Major esports tournaments magnify this challenge hundredfold by adding in streaming computers, cameras, lighting, and hundreds, if not thousands, of feet of cables. ARAM CEO Rafal Mrzyglocki tackles the challenge of the unique production needs of esports tournaments every day. His company specializes in full-service design, rental, and technical production for large-scale esports events...