Immersive Experience for Zoos and Aquariums




Capture the magic of nature

Immersive experience can transform zoos and aquariums into captivating, interactive environments. Through innovative design and technology, it’s possible to create unforgettable journeys that engage all senses and bring visitors closer to wildlife and aquatic marvels.

Capture the magic of nature with Aram’s innovative services, designed exclusively to enhance your zoo and aquarium events to the fullest.

No matter how ambitious or magnificent your event needs to be, we have the resources, experience, and ingenuity to turn your dream event into reality.

Create Immersive Attractions that Breathe Life

From design to realization, Aram is your partner in transforming your zoo or aquarium into an immersive attraction that captures your imagination. 

We can help you create immersive attractions such as:

  • Naturalistic Enclosures: Design enclosures that mimic the animals’ natural habitats as closely as possible.
  • Walk-through Aviaries/Aquarium Tunnels: Enclosures where animals can be observed from a close range or overhead create a sense of being in another world.
  • Thematic Exhibits: Exhibits that detail the journey of specific animals, highlight conservation successes, or narrate a day in the life of a creature.
  • Soundscapes: Incorporating natural sounds that one would hear in various habitats, such as bird calls, rustling leaves, or ocean waves, enhances the sensory experience.

Our team at Aram boasts a rich history of professionalism and expertise, proving time and again that no event is too large for us to handle. We specialize in preparing, designing, and fully realizing a vast array of events for zoos and aquariums of all sizes.

Our distinguished track record sees us delivering immersive experiences that make people feel like they are a part of the animal kingdom and not just passive observers. 

Transforming Zoos and Aquariums with Creative Design

Aram in-house design team transforms your ideas into a captivating experience. Our creative design team curates the perfect blend of real-life encounters and virtual reality to immerse your guests in a remarkable journey from the ocean’s deepest trenches to the heart of Africa’s savannah.

An Innovative Approach to Edutainment

Aram combines the thrills of themed attractions with the educational value of wildlife habitats to deliver immersive edutainment. Through immersive technology integration and impressive exhibitions, guests can enjoy an unforgettable visit that entertains and teaches them about wildlife.

Unmatched Expertise in Scaling Events

The size of your event is no concern for Aram. We are renowned for our technical production capabilities, which easily bring alive events of any scale. Whether it’s a small exhibition or a large-scale event or conference, our team has the expertise to deliver.

Transforming Spaces with AV Technology

Our cutting-edge audiovisual technology brings every corner of your venue to life. We’re talking high-resolution LED screens, immersive technologies, and projection and video mapping exhibitors that will surely elevate your guests’ experience. We also provide fixed installations and maintenance, ensuring a seamless, immersive experience day in and day out.

Setting the Mood with Lighting and Sound Systems

Our impressive lighting and sound systems shape the atmosphere of your venue. Whether it’s the curious chirruping of jungle birds or the excited chatter of primates, we set the scene with exquisite precision. We also highlight the beauty of your exhibits, guiding your visitor’s journey through the depths of the ocean or the heights of a tropical canopy.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored Excellence

Your vision is our blueprint. At Aram, every project is a collaborative endeavor. We’ll ensure that the result meets and exceeds your wildest dreams.

No Limits

When we say no event is too big, we mean it. Our portfolio is a testament to our commitment and capability to craft any type of event that our clients need.


Our experience guarantees that every element of the project, no matter how small, receives the attention it deserves, ensuring a harmonious and impactful final product.

Reliable Service

Our team handles the project’s intricacies with utter professionalism, ensuring deadlines are met, expectations are exceeded, and any potential issues are resolved promptly without impacting your operations.

Transparency and Honesty

We believe in keeping you informed at every step, fostering a collaborative environment where feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Take the Next Step With Aram

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of projects does Aram specialize in?

Aram specializes in creating immersive experiences for various venues, including amusements parks, shopping malls, museums, entertainment centers and events. Our expertise lies in employing the latest multimedia solutions, innovative designs, and cutting-edge technology to transform any space into an engaging narrative.

What is the duration of a project?

The exact timeline varies depending on the projects requirements, complexity, and scale. After an initial consultation, we can estimate your project’s timeline.

Can Aram manage all aspects of the project?

Absolutely! Our services encompass everything from creative design to technical production, AV technology, and lighting and sound systems. We care for every detail so you can focus on what you do best!

Could we have an event that lasts several days or even weeks?

Absolutely! We expertly manage events regardless of their duration. Whether it’s a single day or an ongoing festival lasting weeks, we will craft an immersive experience that keeps visitors engaged day after day.

How much does your service cost?

Each project is unique, and pricing varies depending on the scale, complexity, and specific client requirements. We ensure competitive pricing and exceptional value for every project. Contact us for a customized quote.

How adaptable are your plans if changes are required?

We understand that changes can and will occur during the planning and execution phases of an event. Our team is flexible and ready to adapt, adjust, and alter the plans as necessary to meet your objectives.

Do you offer ongoing support and maintenance?

We offer ongoing support and maintenance as part of our comprehensive service package. We are dedicated to ensuring your exhibits run smoothly after the initial setup.

Do you have experience working with environmental and safety regulations in zoos and aquariums?

Yes, we prioritize safety and diligently comply with all local and national environmental and safety regulations. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest regulations to ensure our projects are safe and eco-friendly.

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Head of Global Parterships
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