Building Overcoming Challenges in a Two-Month Outdoor Tour




project of the stage
technical production

Event type:

live concert tour


Live – creative agency


The client needed a lighting and multimedia project for Mata Tour – unique audiovisual outdoor concerts that would attract the Z generation and take place in different locations in Poland for over two months. The agency wanted a project for an unusual concert stage that would create an unforgettable experience for their audience.


Live chose ARAM to create and execute Mata Tour production. Using the capabilities of Depence, we presented the client with a concept for the stage setting by creating an animation that was faithfully recreated during the tour, already in the real world. To make the project a success, we ensured the correct placement of pyrotechnic elements, lighting, and sound systems.


The Mata Tour was an unusual and challenging project that required our team to work in different terrains and weather conditions. We had to be adaptable to each location and the challenges they faced (including lost trucks and unusual weather phenomena). Our team eliminated many assembly problems already at the stage of preparation for the route. After the first two concerts, the crew caught the rhythm, thanks to which the installation was even faster and more pleasant from concert to concert.

What was exceptional:

One day in Krakow, there was a concert in a beautiful area – Błonia Tauron Arena. At the Arena a tennis match was taking place between Iga Świątek and Agnieszka Radwańska. About 2.5 hours before the concert, fans were already standing in front of the stage and waiting for their idol. The sun was shining, and no one expected that this idyllic atmosphere would soon turn into a fight for survival. Suddenly a phenomenon occurred in the vicinity of the event area. A downburst – a strong rush of air descending from a storm cloud to the surface of the earth. Our rapid reaction and the coordination of the implementation teams prevented the tragedy. The equipment installed by the technicians was properly secured, that is why the audience gathered in front of the stage was relatively safe, and ready to evacuate. After 15 minutes, the weather calmed down, and the teams together with the organizer decided to move the concert to the next day.

“I remember that the client was impressed by the behavior of our guys and how we tried to coordinate activities in such a way that no one was hurt. Situations like this bring people together. I think we gave the client a lot of support at that point. While they could take care of organization issues, such as informing fans that the concert had been moved, we controlled all the technical aspects of the event.” said Agnieszka Stanny Aram


ARAM’s team demonstrated their expertise and professionalism throughout the tour. The successful execution of the Mata Tour project established ARAM’s reputation as a trustworthy technical partner for outdoor concert tours.

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