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Who we are?

ARAM offers creative design and complex technical production services for events and permanent installations. From early-stage planning, we work with agencies, architects, venue developers, and entertainment experts at events, diverse facilities, entertainment centers, and amusement parks. We are experts in esports, with 10+ years experience for world largest esports organizers such like ESL, PGL, RIOT, Pokemon and others.

What is THE CUBE?

THE CUBE – a scalable, globally deployable immersive theater format with consistent dimensions that allows it to be built anywhere with access to many fantastic stories and content options. If you are a venue owner, amusement park planner, shopping center operator, or just want to have a modern 360 theater in your venue, you should learn more about our turn-key theater.

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Join us at SEA EXPO to witness the future of immersive entertainment firsthand and explore how ARAM can elevate your vision to new heights. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in innovation! READ MORE

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