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Projectors, led screens, lighting, audio, networking, staging and rigging are all handled by audio-visual experts who specialize in every aspect of the equipment, and are dedicated to ensuring your event runs smoothly.


Indoor, outdoor, creative or transparent, we have right product for your show.


Latest projectors, camera systems, media servers and 3D solutions, we have them all.


We stock large choice of different products for all types of events.


To give your event that extra edge, we can design and build custom stage elements.


Complete range of lifting and motion products designed specifically for the entertainment industry.


We offer a range of audio sound systems that will cater for events of any size.


optimized for your production in matter of given effect and cost


Outdoor, indoor, creative or transparent, we specialize in helping you to find the right product for your show. No matter how simple or complex your projects may be we have the products, solutions and the team to make them a reality.


LEDscreen-aramIndoor and outdoor LED solutions to create large format displays for sporting events, advertising, travel, exhibitions, and more. Our high-resolution LED is the latest on the market, creating a future-proofed solution that can deliver your messaging year after year.

LED Floor

led_floorA modular-led video floor with the ability to build in any size and shape. Ideal for events, TV shows,  promotional stands at expos, launches, and exhibitions. With a weight-bearing limit of 1000kgs per square meter, more than enough to stand a car on. It will provide years of service with constant use, robust enough for a disco dance floor with a high-impact surface. Easy to install and construct inside the stage or booth. ARAM supplies a few different types of LED floors.

Creative LED

FlexLED-aramWe offer flexible creative LED display technology in various applications, from sizeable free-form video displays to architectural video design. Our systems can be integrated into stage sets, exhibition booths, interiors, and outdoor architectural situations.

Transparent LED Displays

curve8_aramA range of LED products can be used to produce more creative or unusual video solutions. Quick to assemble and tear down, the lightweight, transparent system is comprised of modular tiles. Robust yet lightweight, tiles can be combined into huge displays – whether flat or curved, horizontal or vertical. A minimal framework provides an entire structure with virtual transparency. The video display has been proven in temporary and permanent installations, including concert tours, architectural buildings, film and television sets, and events.

Video lines

pixbox2_aramHi-STRIP, a creative “video line,” can be used in various applications, from sizeable free-form video displays to architectural visual designs. The Hi-STRIP is a true all-around performer thanks to its high brightness and tight pixel pitch in a slim, lightweight yet rugged package. The possibilities with Hi-STRIP are endless, from stunningly bright video displays of any size, shape, or form to lighting effects. In addition, the Hi-STRIP's IP65 protection rating and wide operating temperature range enable outdoor usage in any weather conditions.



When it comes to video, you want to be confident that the equipment you’re using is the best on the market and stable to operate. Our inventory includes video equipment to support your client's video projects from beginning to end.



Highest quality projectors in the industry from 5000 ANSI to 40000 ANSI. When you’re looking for affordable solutions that meet your clients’ requirements for high-brightness, high-resolution and stunning image quality, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

3D stereoscopic

3dARAMs have high-quality active and passive stereoscopic projection systems which combine the highest available resolution, superb image quality, and mobility. They also feature several specific functions that suit them for special events.

Large screens

LARGESCREEN-ARAMLarge projections screens are perfect solutions for events, stages, conferences, and convention centers. Screens are available in various sizes, and we can custom design and manufacture each screen and mounting system for your project.

Projections screens

PROJECTIONS_SCREEN-ARAMARAM supplies an extensive series of portable projector screens that are extremely easy to set up. The fast-fold screens designed for rental and staging environments feature easy release latches on the frame for efficient setup and tear down.


d3_mediaserver_aram_rental_polandMedia playback systems and content control include most of the leading media servers in today’s events market, including the latest D3 DISGUISE media servers.

Our highly skilled content specialists can match the solution to our client's specific applications rather than adopt the one size fits all approach of many of our smaller and less well-equipped competitors.

Clipboard05Powerful multi-screen seamless switchers, hi-resolution mixers, or remote controllers for significant events/multi-venues - we have them all.

Whether you need a small mixer for a trade show, a multi-layer BARCO e2 engine for a presentation, or a professional A/V setup for a corporate meeting, we can help. We offer delivery to your meeting or event site and professional design.


Whether you’re organizing a small event, a vast production, or a TV show, need small fixtures or advanced moving lights, we are sure to have the right equipment in our equipment rental inventory. We supply the right equipment for concerts, television/film, special events, tradeshows, permanent installations, and corporate events.

Moving lights

MOVING_LIGHTS-ARAMWow, your audience with moving lights will take your performance lighting to the next level. We stock high-quality profile lights, wash, spot, and beam lights. The moving lights we have available for hire include tungsten & discharge sources and a vast range of LED fixtures, all from leading manufacturers such as Clay Paky, AYRTON, ROBE, Vari-Lite, ETC, Elation, Pro lights, and Martin.

LED Lights

LED_Lights-ARAMLED Pars, LED Battens and wide choice of IP65 lighting fixtures. This is only a small selection of the most popular products to give you an idea of the diversity of our equipment pool.

White light

patt_2013 rental polandThe range of lighting equipment is unparalleled. We aim to give you the freedom to design your rig with a classic old lantern, Robe PATT, or the latest LED fixtures like Chauvet STRIKE 1.

Follow spots

cyranoAt ARAM, we use an entire lineup of follow spots. We invest exclusively in a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art areas, including the industry-standard Robert Juliat, ROBE, and LDR equipment.


CONSOLES-ARAMWe use in our projects the most up-to-date lighting consoles available on the market, and in the experienced hands of our dedicated lighting team.


POWER-ARAMProviding a safe and reliable method of powering your event, whether it is supplying power to hundreds of moving lights at a big sporting event or distributing supplies to a corporate meeting.


SERVICES-ARAMFrom maintaining our automated fixtures with certified technicians to cleaning and testing each of them after every show, we go the extra mile to ensure the equipment is ready every time.

We will cover all technical production

elements of your event.


A stage is more than just an elevated platform. It's the focal point of your event and where your guest's eyes will be drawn. Let us help you transform any space into a beautiful setting. As the leading staging supplier, we know what it takes to design spectacular stage sets that are technically and structurally sound. We won't miss a trick when it comes to the safety and construction of your stage, no matter how elaborate or extravagant the design may be.


draw2missWe can design and build custom stage elements for stand-alone use or add to our standard stages to give your event that extra edge. Our goal is to create one-of-a-kind décor that you won’t see anywhere else. We design and build bespoke elements such as curved stage elements, bespoke stairs, decorative railings, illuminated stage elements, vertical and rotary moving elements, rolling instruments, and performer plinths.

From concerts and rallies, catering to hundreds and thousands of spectators, to live televised events seen around the world, ARAM is the staging and scenery provider on which producers rely.


stage_deckIf you are looking for a stage hire and do not have a specific size requirement, we have several stages that may suit your needs; contact us for more information. Whether you are after staging for a small conference, a significant outdoor event, or even producing over a pool, we have the technical expertise and experience to stage your event anywhere.


truss rental poland aramProfessional trussing solutions for stages, lighting, marathons, signage, banners, and sponsors.


drape_moltonEvent draping solutions as part of our comprehensive event styling service. Please note as draping is only one element of the overall event look we create. Our Black Encore Drapes are second to none – built from 22oz heavyweight IFR fabric, and unlike some, they are genuinely “Opaque Blackout Drape,” meaning you cannot see through them.


led_drapeThe show DMX-controlled LED drapes have the same features as the classic black encore drapes
but with stars in every color. Choose from color changes, twinning, twinning effects, and chases.
Available in 6x4m modules that can be connected.


stage_decksStaging decks, treads, handrails, Rolling Risers, and legs and crosses bracing kits of various sizes. Guaranteed top products approved by the TüV and available in standard metric sizes. Lightweight, modularity, and quality.


trussProfessional trussing solutions for stages, lighting, marathons, signage, banners, and sponsors.


ARAM offers a complete range of motion products designed specifically for the entertainment industry. We offer an extensive product range for applications ranging from installation work to complex scene changes and even the complete automation of shows. Our highly motivated and qualified team of riggers are also capable of contributing to the realization of high-quality projects whatever their scale.


wyciagarakWe provide any size and combination of rigging and more importantly, we ensure that our structural work, scaffolding and platforms all conform to the highest European and American standards.

A strong focus on safety and compliance is required when rigging elements above an audience. The task of rigging is considered high-risk-work by state inspectorates and must only be undertaken by competent persons who hold the relevant license. We provide rigging services that suit your event and budget.


joker95We use automated and manual curtain tracks systems with variable speed control which contain an extensive set of components enabling almost any movement imaginable! High quality, noiseless, compact and easily transportable. Our extremely experienced, knowledgeable and friendly team are dedicated to delivering an ultra-professional service that sets us apart from the rest.


rotatingstageARAM has built expertise in motorized rotary stages. Automatically controlled platform  can be rotated in order to speed up the changing of a scene within a show, can be alsoused on trade fairs booth as rotating car platform. We offer various size of revolving stages.

Drop curtain

powerdrooKabuki drop curtain system  allows us to drop a wall of curtain to the floor with meticulous timing. It’s a modular system and is almost endlessly extendable by connecting brakes and rollers with the Kabuki profiles.


We offer a range of audio sound systems & PA hire that will cater for events ranging from 50 people to 50000 people. We are currently stocking the world's leading brands in audio technology with a dedicated team of engineers and technicians. Whether it's a one-off event or a long-term production, we will provide a complete package that suits your exact requirements. We also have a range of effects, control systems, cables and all the extras you may need. Our audio systems set the industry standard with the best gear and technicians.


AUDIO-ARAMWhether you need audio for a panel of speakers, a general session ballroom presentation, or an outdoor event, ARAM has all of the equipment you’ll need! ARAM offers sound system rental packages and live sound production services for meetings and events of all shapes and sizes.

ARAM offers the best brands in sound equipment.: L-Acoustics, Meyer Sound, dB Technologies, JBL, QSC, Yamaha, Midas and others.


Audio Mixers

vi2-frontARAM carries a wide range of mixer rental options, offering you the control and flexibility you need to produce amazing sound quality. Our high-tech solutions include mixer rentals with multiple different capabilities. For true convenience and seamless integration, our mixer rentals deliver professional-grade solutions at an affordable price.

In addition to our audio mixer rentals, we offer many other audio rentals, including digital mixers, audio recorders, equalizers, and amplifiers.

Our mixer rentals are produced by leading manufacturers including Yamaha,  Digico, Midas, and Soundcraft.


microphonesARAM has everything you need for your wireless  and wired microphone needs. Whether you need a wired or wireless handheld mic, an ear-set mic, or a wireless lapel microphone, we have a vast inventory to meet all your needs. Since we have an expansive inventory, we are able to offer our customers a full line of audio equipment to make sure your mic rental will meet your specific requirements.

Video lines

in-ear monitorWe offer wireless in-ear monitor system rentals. Wireless in-ear monitor system rentals include transmitters, receivers, cables, and single-driver earbuds.  We offer wireless in-ear monitor system rentals of all major professional audio brands such like SHURE or Sennheiser.


audioA  mult box usually called as a press box allows you to split audio coming from one microphones to many outputs – allowing the media a direct audio feed during your press conference. We offers mult box / press box rentals. We carry modular  press boxes to accommodate for use with various sound systems and size of conference.

What we do:

We provide the complete event production support including lighting, sound, AV, props and staging for virtually any occasion. Whether it is a large scale production, an exhibition, a small scale corporate meeting, or anything in between, our project managers will work closely with you to deliver something unforgettable.

Our diverse team of designers, project managers and technicians have built a reputation for delivering spectacular results on time and on budget. Drawing on a wealth of industry experience, our production team can provide full technical production services, providing the equipment, knowledge, and support to ensure complete success for your project.

and Technological



Design & Planning

Each event must be planned individually and with great care

Technical production

Dedicated production team, which bring your event vision to life


Very best equipment and engagement ensure that every event is a success.