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Seamless Integration of Multimedia Innovation

ARAM is the ideal partner for planning, installing, and servicing all fixed audio-visual, multimedia, and lighting installations. We are the official distributor and trusted partner of the most modern AV solutions and products.

With expertise in audio, video, lighting, media control, and special effects, we excel in designing cutting-edge concepts and solutions tailored for various purposes, from captivating multimedia experiences to virtual reality initiatives, media systems for museums, theaters, and brand environments, as well as LED innovations for corporate and architectural contexts.

Mrzyglocki Brothers

ARAM Founders

We know what it takes to design and build a professional multimedia installation, choose the right equipment, and carry out its assembly on a given budget.

Translating ideas into technical reality:

Our experts will help you develop concept designs, produce technical design deliverables, and provide information and drawings that help shape your project’s vision.

Our technical mastery ensures your vision comes to life in brilliant high-definition, elevating the ambiance of any space.

We operate in Europe and the Middle East.

Our services are primarily tailored for, but not limited to, the following markets:

Corporate & Commercial, Experiential & Entertainment, Museums, Cinemas & Culture, Theme Parks & Venues, Digital Out Home, Broadcast, Retail, and eSports.

Are you an architect?

ARAM collaborates with architects to commission and integrate the latest entertainment technology, enhancing the development of their projects and designs.

We believe in working together, so let’s discuss how we can be your right arm in advising and integrating the latest AV and LIGHTING technology into your projects.

We respect your client and relation you build. We value the relationships you’ve built, and we prioritize maintaining your trust. If needed, we’re open to signing an NDA from the very beginning of our collaboration.

Are you a general contractor?

We are ready to collaborate if you are a general contractor needing a technology partner for your next project. Whether it’s assistance in a tender requiring our expertise and references or a won project that needs successful delivery, we’ve got you covered.

Last minute project?

We can provide you with much more technology quicker than others and allow tests and trials.

Thanks to one of the largest equipment rental houses in Europe, which is part of the group, we can offer our clients spare equipment before delivery of ordered products and long-term and short-term rentals apart from sales and integration.

Immersive installations

Learn more about our turn-key immersive attractions, which you can quickly implement into your venue, amusement park, or museum.

Our Services:

Our design development is a collaborative and interactive process in which we closely support technical and creative realization.

Our engineers work closely with architects and investors to turn ideas into reality. Proof of concept workshops and mock-ups ensure seamless coordination with required technology during the project development.

A dedicated project manager and our team of experts will closely lead and support your projects.

We partner with the most extensive multimedia and lighting manufacturers to offer the best solution.

Let's work together and find the right technology for your next project.

We’re prepared to provide end-to-end service for your project.

ARAM's experienced engineering teams navigate diverse markets and are adept at integrating solutions in challenging environments.

We prioritize coordination with project stakeholders, trades, and specialists to finalize engineering details, addressing construction, structural considerations, power, head loads, fixing methods, and specialized cabling requirements.

ARAM will create a control system for all your AV and lighting systems, ensuring operational efficiency.

Engineered for simplicity in setup and management, our solutions aim to minimize installation, training, and support costs. Our programmers collaborate to deliver a functional, user-friendly control and train your staff to operate it.

Our dedicated aftersales service team ensures your projects are well-supported. Handling manufacturer warranty repairs, we uphold the highest standards to keep your project operational and well-maintained.

Need a complex Service Level Agreement (SLA) to maintain your installation quickly and easily with fast reaction and Backup solutions?

ARAM technicians and engineers operate across diverse sites and systems, and our experience managing the complexity of today's integrated systems provides valuable insights that enhance the system's operation.

Look at our projects


Corporate & Commercial

Office, lobby, boardroom, or auditorium? Our team will design and implement permanent sound, video, and lighting solutions at any of your venues. We factor in your needs, wants, budget, and timeline to develop the most effective long-term solution.

Experiential & Entertainment

Entertainment center, hotel, gaming area, or special attraction. If you want to implement and update your lighting, LED screens, audio or video systems, we will discuss, advise, and design them.

Built-in light show every night, mappings on the facade, or immersive cinema? Ask about solutions we have ready to implement.

Museums, Cinemas, & Culture

Whether you’re part of a museum or cinema or engaged in any cultural activity, ARAM can be your partner.

Let’s infuse immersive experiences into your venue and collaborate on crafting something extraordinary like mapping or an immersive exhibition.

Regardless of whose idea takes shape, we will design it, choose the right technology, and install it for you.

Theme Parks & Venues

We offer various solutions if you own or operate a venue or amusement park. From multimedia attractions and esports arenas to immersive experiences, we provide simple AV solutions for all kinds of venues.

Learn more about our turn-key attractions, which you can quickly implement into your park.

Digital Out Of Home

Whether it’s one large LED screen or a chain of smaller LCD displays, we specialize in designing and building screen networks.

We have been selling and renting LED screens since the inception of this technology. Our extensive knowledge, gained from purchasing for our rental fleet, ensures we offer the most reliable products. You will get a few options from various manufacturers, guaranteeing the best value for your money.

Need a giant LED screen

We boast an unparalleled selection and quantity of ultra-high-resolution indoor/outdoor LED displays, coupled with the technical expertise to ensure seamless functionality.


With 25 years of experience in broadcasting, ARAM has played a pivotal role in the technical production of shows like THE VOICE, DANCING WITH THE STARS, NEWS AND SPORTS STUDIOS, and many others. 

This extensive involvement provides us unparalleled expertise in designing complete scenography or updating it with the latest technology.


Need to re-design your shop, showroom, or mall, equip it with a giant LED screen or new modern lighting?

Contact us today to check the latest trends and products.


Experience working with ESL, PGL, Blast, Saudi Esports Federation, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, and other esports and gaming companies worldwide has equipped us with unparalleled know-how. 

Whether you envision a large-scale esports stage or studio, we have the expertise to design and build it. Explore our extensive references for confirmation.

You tell us your vision. We tell you how to get there.

We take responsibility for making your vision come true, from drawing your first quick sketch to a complete multimedia installation.

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