Your partner in creating, planning & producing successful concerts esports permanent installations tv shows trade fairs

with flawless execution, every time


Your partner in creating, planninig & producing successful esport | trade fairs | permanent installations | concerts | tv shows with flawless execution, every time

Pick up what you need. When you need it all, you can rely on one trusted partner.

We activate 3 pillars to help brands create the right audiovisual experience. We are flexible and open to being engaged at any stage of your event production process.

Creative Design
  • In-house Design Team
  • Set Design & 3D Mockups
  • Visualizations & Technical Drawings
  • Location Scouting 
  • Technical Consulting
Technical Production
  • Pre-production Process & on-site Execution
  • Single Point of Contact 
  • Production Capabilities Audit 
  • Consideration of Venue Limitations
  • Bottleneck Solutions
  • Quality & Timely Delivery Assurance 
AV Technology
  • Projection & Video Mapping
  • LED Screens
  • Lighting
  • Immersive Technologies 
  • Fixed Installations & Maintenance 

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No detail is too small, no project is too large. Whether you’re planning an esports or gaming event, concert, tv production, trade fair, immersive experience, permanent installation, or any other project that demands outstanding design, we can be your go-to partner.

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