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ARAM - Crafting Technology for Immersive Experiences.

We specialize in designing integrating, and executing complete technical productions of immersive spaces and immersive art installations.

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An immersive space is an entirely new way of storytelling. Trust us on technology and take your audience on a journey.

Why work with us?

We manage the entire creative journey, from concept development to final production. Our comprehensive service allows you to create a whole unique immersive space with 360 degrees projections within a few weeks.

Complete ecosystem for immersive experience:

If you are thinking about creating an immersive, multi-dimensional entertainment experience that takes visitors on a journey we are here to help.

ARAM has expertise in designing, planning, and building complete systems for immersive spaces.

We integrate multiple technologies, taking care of the right technology positioning to enhance the best audiovisual experience and ensure optimal technology for the highest effectiveness.

Technology Integration Expertise

Creative Content:

At ARAM, we go beyond being a service provider; we collaborate closely with artists, filmmakers, and 3D designers and have a portfolio of engaging content.

Would you like to make a similar show?

We are the right partner. Let’s discuss this together.

What kind of immersive installation do you look for?

Amusement Parks

Elevate the overall theme park atmosphere through state-of-the-art technology and compelling storytelling.


Transform traditional exhibitions into captivating journeys through history, science, and art. Provide an experience that resonates with the audience.

Zoos and Aquariums

Imagine you can immerse visitors in animal’s natural habitats through visually stunning and educational displays.

Entertainment Centers

Elevate family fun by integrating immersive elements that captivate all age groups. Offer a unique and memorable entertainment experience that sets your center apart.

Exhibitor stands

Immerse your clients in your brand narrative. Transform your presence at fairs and events into an engaging journey for visitors, or make an event to impress the audience.

Shopping mall

Achieve your goal by creating a deeper connection between visitors and your brand. Invite them to immerse show and create awareness.

Sistine Chapel. Legacy - one of the first immersive art exhibitions in Warsaw, of which ARAM was a technology partner.

Immersive installation Q&A:

What defines an immersive art installation?

Immersive art AV installation merges technology and artistic expression, crafting immersive experiences. Through responsive audiovisual elements, audience interactions are heightened, elevating the overall impact of the artwork.

Why integrate AV technology into immersive art exhibitions?

Integrating AV technology elevates the viewer’s journey, enabling artists to venture into new realms. It fosters immersive interactions, engaging multiple senses, intensifying emotional connections, and leaving a lasting imprint on the viewer’s memory.

Can these installations adapt to different spaces?

Absolutely! Interactive art AV installations are incredibly versatile. Our team tailors the technology and design to align seamlessly with any space’s unique aesthetics and objectives.

How do you ensure the AV installation aligns with our project's vision?

Understanding your project’s goals is paramount. By delving into your objectives, we craft a bespoke AV solution that perfectly harmonizes with your project, enhancing its impact and resonance.

What influences the choice between a temporary or permanent AV installation?

The project’s nature, intended duration, and budget considerations guide this decision. By engaging in discussions with you, we can recommend the most suitable option tailored to your specific needs.

Can the interactive art AV installation evolve over time?

Absolutely. Interactive art AV installations are adaptable and can undergo updates to stay current with evolving technology, ensuring a continuous and engaging experience for your audience.

How long does the audiovisual installation typically take?

The installation timeframe varies based on project complexity. Our skilled technicians work efficiently to ensure a prompt and precise setup, minimizing delays and allowing you to immerse yourself in the art experience.

What support is available after the installation?

We provide comprehensive post-installation support. Whether you encounter issues or seek adjustments, our dedicated technical team is at your service, ensuring the ongoing functionality and success of your interactive art AV installation.

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