Our team delivered another successful production in the MENA region


🚀This one took place in Abu Dhabi, UAE 🇦🇪 and was one of its kind, although as it was a conference on the highest level, we cannot share any details about it.


Behind great productions stay amazing people and we at aram have this privilege to work with the best. Big kudos to the entire aram team. 💪We would like to thank our partners Soldier TV, Wsound as well as local vendors for their support and the important role they played. 🤝


Last but not least, we are extremely grateful to our client for this opportunity as well as the trust that was put on us from the early days of pre-production till it’s very final.


Aram wide responsibility covered:
– Technical production
– Light design
– LED screens
– Cameras
– Lighting
– Audio
– Coms
– Scenic build

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Grzegorz Nowakowski
Head of Global Parterships

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