The Power of Scenic Design

The appearance of a stage holds significant sway over audience perceptions, impacting event value and message retention. This is why many event planners turn to expert designers. However, scenic design extends beyond the stage, enhancing the entire event environment.


At ARAM, our design team collaborates with in-house event engineers to provide cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions tailored to each venue. By substituting disposable materials with digital canvases and employing reusable structures, we ensure immersive experiences while minimizing environmental impact.

Understanding the event’s ambiance, we offer 3D stage renders and fly-throughs to visualize scenic design elements. By integrating structural elements, audiovisual assets, creative treatments, and lighting, we transform spaces into unique event destinations.

Here’s Our Process:

1. Initial Consultation: We delve into your vision, needs, and requirements.
2. Concept Development: Our design team crafts initial concepts.
3. Finalizing the Concept: Once approved by you, we solidify the design.
4. Contract: We establish a contract detailing the scope of work.
5. Production: Bringing your design to life is our next step.
6. Construction: We expertly install and set up the set and stage.
7. Operation and Management: We handle all technical aspects seamlessly.
8. Dismantling: We dismantle the set and stage efficiently after completion.


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Grzegorz Nowakowski
Head of Global Parterships

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