Multimedial Music Experiences

Behind the scenes

There is no doubt that concerts, festivals, tours, shows, and musicals provide an enjoyable visual experience for the audience, but can also pose unique challenges to the technicians working behind the scenes.

Since Aram designs and manages state-of-the-art events year after year, we know exactly what stage design and technology should be used to make tours, concerts, and festivals successful.

Encompassing Europe

From the drawing board to the stage, we ensure a seamless flow of creativity and technical excellence. Our expertise spans the realms of lighting, visual effects, and stage design. Whether it’s an intimate acoustic show or a grand symphonic spectacle, we handle it all across Europe.

Technical Expertise

Are you seeking technical partners who breathe life into your concert vision? Whether it’s designing amazing stage setups or captivating lighting arrangements, we bring your concert dreams to reality. Our commitment is to deliver a flawless experience.

Our state-of-the-art inventory is available for you, whether you are looking for lighting, video products, innovative automation and staging solutions, or high-definition live video capture for concert tours, festivals, or special events.

We have experienced and highly specialized video engineers, lighting, audio, stage designers, and equipment from well-known manufacturers suitable for touring, festivals, and outdoor shows.

Let's create a new concert together.

Experience the Advantages of Collaborating with Us

Conceptual Brilliance
weaving your vision into a mesmerizing reality

Technical Excellence
crafting immersive audiovisual spectacles

End-to-End Expertise
from initial concept to spectacular execution

Stress-Free Harmony
we manage the intricate technical details

Time-Tested Success
years of crafting extraordinary concert memories

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Head of Global Parterships

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