ESL One Cologne 2015





Technical production
Creative design 

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esport event


ARAM was responsible for the design and technical production of the largest gaming event in the world: the ninth edition of the World Final of the Intel Extreme Masters.

For the second year in a row event was held in Katowice, this time was spread to two locations – Spodek and the newly built International Convention Centre. The event broke all records of audience and visitors. Soon we will know the official figures, but said more than 100 thousand visitors and millions of unique visitors following the games online. The event lasted for a total of four days, and ARAM was responsible for the design and its implementation: production, full logistics, and executive oversight.

Our company has several years of successfully producing events “from design to effect” where we provide comprehensive solutions and technical sites with full support in lighting, multimedia, design, and sound.

Our work began many months before the show, says Michal Mrzygłocki, ” we were responsible for the execution of the set design of projects for all 3 stages. ”The project worked closely with both the client and the executors”.

The resulting total of three scenes, including an impressive main stage with a total span of 60m, is located in Katowice Spodek. Two smaller scenes with a span of 12m and 16m respectively, and buildings for over 20 exhibition stands, which stood at the International Congress Center. A multitude of places that were served by ARAM and a huge amount of equipment that arrived in 16 trucks meant that this year’s Intel Extreme Masters was a big logistical challenge but also a huge success!

At the same stand was used in 1000 meters of trusses and countless number of elements of different types and over 400 LED devices such as wash and strip and illumination. On the two smaller stages were used nearly 70 different types of lighting fixtures and among them heads such as the Vari * Lite 3500S, Clay Paky sharpy, and Fourlight FL-600.(formerly known as Electronic Sports League) is an international esports league that was established in Germany in the year 2000. ESL league competitions are currently organized in nearly 30 countries around the world, not only in Europe but also in China, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, and the United States. The organization’s online portal brings together nearly one million registered users who engage in almost 6,000 matches among themselves every day.

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