Intel Extreme Masters 2019 Beijing, China




Technical project of the stand
Stand building & supervision
Broadcast setup
Lighting setup
Sound system setup
Samsung LED screens operation

Event type:

esport event




ESL (formerly known as Electronic Sports League) is an international esports league that was established in Germany in the year 2000. ESL league competitions are currently organized in nearly 30 countries around the world, not only in Europe but also in China, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, and the United States. The organization’s online portal brings together nearly one million registered users who engage in almost 6,000 matches among themselves every day.


The Chinese market had limited access to European equipment, which posed a significant challenge in recreating the project to meet the client’s standards. What set this project apart was our role as consultants. We were helping to transfer an existing project into the Chinese reality with a limited availability of European equipment on the market.


To address this challenge, we leverage our expertise and extensive knowledge of the local market. Our approach involved carefully selecting existing equipment available in the Chinese market that best aligned with our project’s requirements.

We played a pivotal role in assisting ESL with equipment selection, ensuring that the chosen technology would seamlessly integrate into our vision for the esport event.

Our team’s deep understanding of both the European and Chinese markets enabled us to bridge the gap effectively, ensuring that the esport event retained its quality and met the high standards we had set.

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