IEM 2017: The world’s largest e-sport arena was built in Poland




Technical project of the stand
Stand building & supervision
Broadcast setup
Lighting setup
Sound system setup
Samsung LED screens operation

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Do you know that the world’s largest e-sport arena was built in Poland?

ARAM once again showcased its expertise by spearheading the stage design and overseeing the intricate technical production of Intel Extreme Masters 2017. This monumental event unfolded in Katowice and stands as arguably the largest esports tournament globally.

In Katowice, hosting the Intel Extreme Masters finals at both Spodek and the International Conference Centre (MCK) has become a tradition. Renowned globally, the stages designed and constructed by Polish experts are considered the epitome of excellence, often featured in marketing materials worldwide. ARAM, in addition to crafting the grand multimedia stage, extended its mastery to the design and construction of three smaller stages for the IEM EXPO, television studios for broadcast requirements, and the provision of equipment and structures for nearly 10 exhibition stands.

Each year, ARAM raises the bar for IEM, striving to create stages that not only surprise but also captivate with their uniqueness and grandeur. The success of this endeavor is evident in the accolades received from esports and show-business figures, both nationally and internationally.
Our commitment goes beyond mere equipment rental; we operate on the “from design to effect” model, requiring substantial involvement in the early stages but providing organizers with unparalleled comfort. With almost five years of experience in the dynamic esports market, ARAM specializes in designing and constructing tailor-made stages that set global benchmarks.

This year’s edition of the tournament was so expansive that the organizers opted to split the event into two weekends. The first weekend witnessed the finals of the popular game, League of Legends, while the second IEM weekend showcased competitions in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and StarCraft II, alongside the IEM EXPO Fair at the International Conference Centre. The event featured Heroes of the Storm and CrossFire competitions, culminating in the Cybersport Polish Cup Finals.

Intel Extreme Masters has evolved into a prestigious format of esports competitions, originally organized by the Germany-based ESL company in Spodek, Katowice. The event’s dynamic expansion is evident in each edition, marked by technologically advanced stages, cutting-edge lighting, multimedia elements, live integration of the stage and the game, and sophisticated pyrotechnic effects. These elements converge to offer both on-site visitors and online spectators an immersive experience, allowing them to watch their esports idols and the world’s best players compete with enhanced pleasure.

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