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Telewizja Polsat


The driving force behind this project was Telewizja Polsat, a prominent Polish media company renowned for its television channels primarily operating under the Polsat brand. The project’s objective was to conceive and establish a dynamic studio environment catered to the recording needs of their newly launched TV channel, Polsat Games. The studio’s mandate was clear: to be esports-centric, facilitating Ultraliga broadcasts while remaining adaptable to accommodate a wide range of television formats.


The central challenge revolved around translating the client’s vision into a fully functional esports television studio that not only met the rigorous demands of esports competitions but also offered the versatility required for various television production formats. This task also entailed the strategic selection of technological solutions that not only aligned seamlessly with the client’s objectives but also conformed to the allocated budget.


Our client aimed to develop a space that could seamlessly produce gaming competitions as well as other TV formats for their newly launched Polsat Games channel.


To meet the requirements, we creatively designed a studio layout, tailored to the capabilities of the production hall and aligned with our client’s vision. We assembled a project and production team comprising specialists with experience in television events, including scenography, stage lighting design, and multimedia content creation. We proposed innovative solutions that garnered praise from both our client and the entire esports community. We took full responsibility for the technical production from project inception to its realization.

Our responsibilities included creating the studio’s design and equipping it comprehensively with the necessary equipment, followed by seamless integration.


Our team worked diligently for four months on the project, dedicating 40 days to the on-site studio assembly. The process started with comprehensive planning, followed by the rapid procurement of studio equipment, including LED screens, lighting, rigging elements, and custom stage design. The new tournament stage design we proposed was spectacular due to its vast dimensions, innovative multimedia technologies, and complete integration of sound, light, and visuals. We achieved a unique appearance by pioneering the use of stage structures that were illuminated and became a key scenic element. The industrial and highly technological character also aligned perfectly with the event’s titular sponsor from the technology industry.


Our studio design was exceptional due to its easy adaptability for various production needs. Swiftly modifying specific elements allowed us to effortlessly transform the gaming-focused studio into a “Breakfast Show for Gamers” or even a talk show setting. Another standout feature was the mezzanine within the studio, which could serve as an observation deck for live broadcasts or an entirely new format studio.

Coordination was also a critical aspect, ensuring smooth deliveries and installations amidst a tight schedule. Despite certain equipment arriving during rigging, our precise production schedule allowed for seamless integration.

Agnieszka Project Manager:

“Working on the studio project at Łubinowa was an exciting adventure. Over the extended production period, we experienced a variety of stories that will remain in our memories forever. Ten years earlier, during my university days, I first stepped into a TV studio during a program recording with an audience. I fell in love with the behind-the-scenes world of television and dreamt of producing such projects myself someday. Ten years later, I fulfilled one of my professional aspirations as we coordinated the construction of Polsat Games studio.”

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